Corporate Plan

This plan is suitable for Corporate, Large scale business and startups.

Benefits of this plan

Custom Responsive Website

Responsive website will be designed with all the unexpected features.

Domain Name and Domain Hosting

Unique domain name will be provided and 24x7 hazel free hosting without any hiccups.

Custom Logo Design

We create the perfect logo for your business or brand, which will meet your vision and requirements.

Basic Android app

The mobile android app will be done based on user expectation and will behave in a way that's consistent.

Business Emails

Emails are the main mode of communication for any business, we provide Business Emails for better communications.

Advanced SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in publishing and marketing websites and applications in search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search, and Microsoft Bing.

Business Cards Design

It is one of the most important marketing tool, we design the best business card for your business.

Web-Chat integration

A chat or conversation with the visitors of the website and application can be made with Web-Chat integration.

Digital Marketing Consulting

We provide you with the tricks and tactics that help you to bloom up your business in short period of time.

Whatsapp chat support

Whats app chat will help you to get closer to your customer instantly and it is an easy way to get engage.

SMS notification

Every visitor will receive SMS greetings and the admin will also get the notification through SMS.

Payment Gateway

An e-commerce website or a website that uses payment transactions, we provide a payment gateway that will be simple for both admin and users.

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